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Our Interview with Amy Sparks-Assiter
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/amy/amy1.jpgOne of our highlight at the Barrett-Jackson West Palm Beach Auction was our brief one on one interview with Amy Sparks-Assiter. If you are a classic car Auction buff, you know Amy as the only woman auction assistant working the block, or stage. Amy was gracious to give us some time to sit with us before her busy day began. Amy is married to Spanky Assiter, one of the Auctioneers at the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction. /amy/amy2.jpg

There is more to this cute, powerhouse you see on TV. A Mother, Wife, with a highly successful professional career which inspires other women to look towards their goals, and pursue a dream.  In the short time she has been involved in the auction industry, not only has she an unofficial fan club, a true following throughout MotorHeads all over, she has received acclaim and recognition that others in the business have taken far longer to achieve.  In February of 1999, she won the Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association (OSAA) Rookie Champion, and in February of 2000, won the Oklahoma State Reserve Champion. She was the first female in the history of the association to achieve either of these levels.

Below is a synopsis, not direct quotes, of our conversation with Amy.

MHC: Amy, did you know you had an unofficial fan club and following out there? We asked our readers who they would want us to interview while we were at the auction and 80% mentioned "The Girl with the great hair"! What do you think of that?

Amy: I don't know what to say. It's very cool, but I am just part of a great team everyone works together, to make this work. All our Auctioneers and Assistants work very hard. It must be because I am the only woman on the block.

MHC: We understand it takes a team, but our readers are interested in you. Many people tune in to the auctions just to watch you work. It is a very respectful following, they just think you look cool up there.

Amy: I'm overwhelmed.
MHC: Well, yes, we were kinda surprised the overwhelming request to speak to you. How long have you been in the auction business?

Amy: I trained to be an auctioneer in 1999, so 6 years. I am a
independent contractor. I do more Auctioneering back home in Texas, a few time I have done some of the memorabilia at the Barrett Jackson Events.

MHC: Do you do other auctions beside cars?

Amy: Yes, Real Estate, Buffalos, many different things.

MHC: How long have you and Spanky been married

Amy: Just over a year, in February.

MHC: Family?

Amy: Oh yes, 3 daughters.

MHC: Do any of them aspire to be future Auctioneers?

Amy: Actually my youngest was at a charity event and sold one of her Beanie Babies. She loved it.

MHC: So when you aren't working, what are your hobbies, interests?

Amy: Well, to be honest, writing. Poems, short essays, stories things like that. Most of my time is being a Mom Taxi.

MHC: So will we see a Auction Expose' in the near future? We said jokingly

/amy/amy4.jpgAmy: (laughs) well not so much an Expose, but I do keep a journal and may put something together from that.

MHC: Do you have your own website?

Amy: No not yet, but we have one for our Auction company

Amy sang the National Anthem each morning before the Car auction began. She had an amazing voice, watch out Celine!

MHC: How long have you been singing, your rendition of the National Anthem was terrific.

Amy: Thank you, well actually in grade school, and some in college. Gave it up for career, but have picked it up again.

MHC: Any life goals, plans?

Amy: Not really, stick with what I am doing, love being a mom. I love my career and the people I work with. I enjoy being part of a team.

MHC: Well, let me let you get back to work, I know you have a busy day out there!

/amy/amy5.jpgWe made this interview short to respect the fact she was at work, We would love to sit down with her again and talk to her further, she is an interesting person. We thanked Amy and did a few pictures and let her get back to her job. Amy Sparks-Assiter is what we would call a real Sweetheart, in the most respectful sense,  a genuine nice person, who is passionate about her career and life. Of the many interviews we have done in the past with people in the Vehicle community, Amy is high on the list of one of our favorites and for us a thrill to meet. If you ever get to attend a Barrett-Jackson Auction, introduce yourself to Amy and let her know you enjoy her work.


Bill Posner
Staff Writer
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