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Date: Jan 23, 2005 - 09:03 AM
Nitrostangracing ( and Clamsters restaurant had a small show o­n 01/22/05 from 5pm till 9:00pm. 

A mild Florida evening with gentle breezes and a few shots of rain drops greeted the Nitrostangracing car show and cruise in.  The event was hosted by Clamsters in Deerfield Beach providing parking space, lighting and discounts in their establishment. A small show with in comparison, with 51 registered cars, but a great mixture. 

Starting at 5 in the afternoon left time for a few hours of daylight to view the cars that came in for the show.  It was an almost perfect evening with o­nly a few spotty showers, but they did not seem to lower the sprirts of the attendees and organizors

Steeda ( brought o­ne of their 05 Mustang Q cars for display. This was a nice addition the show a drew a large crowd.  Built to highlight Steeda's products and technology, the Q car allowed people to see the latest available.

GM was represented by a number of vehicles, F Bodies, Corvettes and a 1959 Chevy Station Wagon owned by Jeff Silvi. Visitors surrounded the car and took a while to get a picture of it.
The event attracted evening shoppers that were just going about their Saturday night routine and saw the show and stopped by to veiw the cars.

There were no less than 3 2005 Mustangs at the event. A v6 model, own by Jeff's wife, Sharyn from Nitrostangracing a White GT owned by Dave Segal, President of Ft. Lauderdale Mustang Club and the Steeda Mustang mentioned above.

Along with the later models of cars were a few older classics like this 1970 Mustang Convertible.

As the sunset, cars took o­n a new look in the fading Florida sun.


We noticed a couple of 'vettes that were parked in the show area, which are always a treat to see. The yellow o­ne shown here really stood out in the crowd and the read o­ne below was a real show stopper.

The red 'vette was brought in from a member of America's Corvette Club, 

All and all it was a great show with with the show ending with a raffle with items from sponsors and awards for a few classes of cars, all mentioned below:
Raffle Prizes That were awarded with name of winner:

UPR T Shirts:
Alan Mclure
Ileana Kyriakides
Andrew Brito
Eric Burke

UPR 50.00 Gift Certificates:
ED Zerbe
Ben Laurents

UPR 100.00 Gift Certificates
Andrew Brito
Ryan Freas
Dimitri Kricfalusi

ProMotion Powertrain 30.00 Gift Certificate and T Shirt
Bill Posner

Racer Garage/ Dave Popowitch 6 Qts Amsoil and Filter
Dennis Rowe

Razors Edge Dyno Session
Charlie Termini

Mustang Specialties Dyno Session
Dimitri Kricfalusi

Nitrostang Racing 75.00 Labor Certificate
Tom Huhn

Car Buffs of VA 100.00 towards Bassani S/S Cat Back
Alan Mclure

Steeda Caster Camber Plates
Cris Kiyan

Steeda Moly Strut Tower Brace
Benny Sorgie

Pdq Performance Diablo Predators
Jeff Porter
Charlie Termini

Other misc prizes given away.
2 Motor Head City Tank Tops
1 Motor Head City T Shirt with Car owner and picture of car o­n it.

Nitrostang Racing
2 22 piece screw driver sets

Eastwood Tools
25 % off coupon towards tool purchase


Best Fox Body Mustang
Kurt Lussier
Best 94 and Newer Mustang
Benny Sorgie
Best Classic Car
Bob Taylor
Best Chevrolet
Jeff Silvi
Best Of show
Scott Boda

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